The Faculty of Arts and Design is a huge faculty dedicated to teaching courses that range to suit the most creative to the most logical. Creativity is the core of all our classes, but practicality goes together with this course hand in hand.

This is the place of excellence and innovation across art, architecture and design. The faculty is the leader of education all aspects of the art spectrum. This faculty nurtures the enquiry and collaboration found in our students and staff, whom are well known for their excellence in education, practice and research.

Typography can defined as manipulating the visual form of language to enhance the meaning behind the type. Typography is essential to anyone who wishes to become a graphic designer or work in design. Typography has been around for about 500 years; and it has changed our lives and how we design with its rules, conventions, and obscure terminology. However, it still has the same amount of freedom as any other art form.

Typography is the key way to use typefaces as a means of communication. Typography has its root deep into human civilization, as it first started as handwritten letterforms. Typography cannot be limited to just handwritten typeface though. It covers everything form handwritten letters to digitally created fonts for webpages.