History of Typography
  1. Johann Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press also invented the first font. This font, Gothic Black letter, was made to look like handwriting, but still look fresh from the press.

  2. As the printing press gained popularity, another typeface had to be made to be better suited for the printing press. Nicolas Jenson came along made a new font, based on the letters he had seen around ancient roman buildings

  3. Italics were born in the 1500s Italics were originally used as a cheaper way to get more letters on a page and saving money, but today we use italics to stylized words.

  4. William Caslon created a new font in the 18th century. This new font made it even easier to read text and set a new standard for legibility. This Typeface is referred to as old styles.

  5. Many years later, William Caslon’s great grandson decided to make a completely new font called sans serif. He had decided to get rid of all the serifs and change the font world all together.

  6. During the second industrial revolution, new typefaces were needed for billboards and advertising. The letters were made taller and wider, which then encouraged many different kinds of fonts to be born.

  7. Egyptian Font was created in the 19th century, and became popular for titles. Many more fonts were then created.

  8. The early 20th century brought Futura, created by Paul Renner. A simple font based on geometric shapes. This is called the geometric san.

  9. Gill sans was created with softer curves, and smoothers looking letters.

  10. In 1957, Switzerland, the worlds most loved font was born. Helvetica has simple curves and can come in many different weights.

  11. The typography world was changed when the computer screen was invented. For many years there were very few fonts, because of the primitive technology to only allow pixel types. But now, as technology has evolved, its never been easier to build your own font.