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• Baskerville, Bodoni and Caslon are all hailed for their work in typography

• Type printing became easier and evolved to the point where the general population could create literature

• The typography business became more competitive so designers started creating new, creative, typefaces.

• The business cam so competitive that advertising bloomed in order to show off new typefaces to attract customers

• By the 18th century printing became very easy• Ottmar Mergenthaler created the Mergenthaler Linotype

• Ottmar Mergenthaler created the Mergenthaler Linotype

• Mass production of the written word has been around for thousands of years

• Dyes, punches, seals and even currency used typography

• The first use of wooden type used for printing was in China, in the 11th Century

• Shortly after, metal type was used for printing in Korea

• In Western Civilisation, Johannes Gutenberg created the first book through movable type.

• The alliance of written letters and letter type formed to create typographical design

• New, easier to read, typeface designs were created

• Nicolas Jenson, from Italy, started creating far more legible typefaces in the 15th century

• The machine used a hot led alloy that printed ink onto the page

• The machine dominated the market through almost all of the 20th century

• After the introduction of the computer in the 1960’s mechanical printing overtook metal type• Colour printing was introduced

• Fonts, the new term for typefaces, started becoming much more abundant

• Font development software became affordable for any graphic designers by the late 1990’s

• The use of handwriting could be converted to be used a digitized font

• Websites devoted to promoting the use of free fonts grew in numbers

• The latest soft ware allows users to create endless possibilities of fonts.

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