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About Us

Blitz is an Australian Music Magazine that today has 30,000 off shelf readers and 10,000 subscribers. Ever since Blitz first appeared on the streets in 2003 it has grown to be one of Australia’s best-selling music magazines.

Our Recent Activity

For Blitz, 2008 has been a very busy year with its reputation growing on the basis of providing reliable information to readers. Blitz is also receiving a growing number of requests for a website.

In April, Blitz was magazine of the week on the cool ABC TV program RAGE. This gave Blitz huge influx of readers wishing to discover more about the magazine.

Our Content

Blitz Magazine contains:

  • CD reviews
  • Reviews of band demos
  • Band profiles
  • Gig news
  • Interviews with bands

We aspire to raise the bar of music journalism by using a clear and literate writing style as well as a very user-friendly review style that includes impartial advice.

In this month's edition of Blitz, the Brian Jonestown Massacre play at the Melbourne Forum!

A Photo of The Brian Jonestown Massacre on stage at the Melbourne Forum.

More photos of BJM at the Melbourne Forum More Photos of BJM at the Melbourne Forum