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January 2003, the very first issue of Blitz Magazine appeared out of nowhere. No one remembers how the magazine got it’s name, only that the first issue had Powderfinger plastered on the front page and a guide to the Big Day Out giveaway.

From its first edition, Blitz wanted nothing more than to raise the game of music journalism, using a clear style and a user-friendly reviewing system.
Each month, Blitz has more that 200 CD reviews, all given a star rating from 1-5.

This year, we have made an investment on new equipment, full, professionally laid out and printed magazines over 40 pages long each month, new CD reviews, reviews of new and unseen bands, interviews with bands and a huge amount of other content as well.

Since then, Blitz has grown to become one of Australia’s leading music magazines, the first choice for big name interviews.