Blitz has grown to become one of Australia’s best-selling serious music publications.  Blitz has grown to have an off the shelf readership of 30,000 and subscription of 10,000.  Blitz prides itself on being up with the latest bands and music info with a constant flow of reliable information and new interesting articles including reviews of demos by unsigned bands, band profiles, gig news, interviews with bands and other various mediums and content.  In April, Blitz was featured as magazine of the week on the cool Saturday morning ABC TV program RAGE, which saw a flood of new readers discover the magazine.  Blitz is local and in Melbourne and is proud of being personal and in touch with its readers and viewers.  We like to provide a sense that this information is happening now near you and you can readily access that through Blitz magazine. Blitz is still young but is growing and spreading quick and hoping to reach a wider target audience and groups.  This will be displayed with Blitz’s brand new innovative website.  We hope to have this business grow and flourish over the years to come with the help of our supporters and subscribers so we can get more information to you.