Nobody remembers how it got its name. The first issue appeared on the streets in January 2003, carrying cover
images of Powderfinger, plus a giveaway guide to the Big Day Out. From that first issue, Blitz has grown to
become one of Australia’s best-selling serious music publication, the first choice for big-name interviews, and the
natural habitat of the awesome Blitz Review section.

Readers:- 30,000+

Subscription:- 10,000+

About Us:-
From its earliest editions, the magazine aspired to raise the game of music journalism through a clear and literate
style and a user-friendly reviewing ethos that stressed impartial advice. Every month in Blitz, there are upwards
of 200 CD reviews, each star-rated from one to five.

Latest News:-

This year significant investment has been made into
new equipment & a full, professionally laid out &
printed magazine consisting of over 40 pages per month
& full of commercially released CD reviews, reviews of
demos by unsigned bands, band profiles, gig news ,
interviews with bands & other content.


2008 has been an unusually busy year, with Blitz's
reputation as a reliable source for information on new
music growing, as well as a flood of requests a website.

Past News:-

In April, Blitz was featured as magazine of the week on
the cool Saturday morning ABC TV program RAGE,
which saw a flood of new readers discover the magazine.