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In January 2003, the streets of Melbourne were graced with the presence of the very first issue of Blitz Magazine, featuring an exclusive Powderfinger cover, and an official giveaway guide to the Big Day Out. Since then, Blitz has power-balled to become one of Australia’s best selling music publication, and the people’s choice for big name interviews, news and reviews. With a readership over thirty thousand strong, Blitz is only set to keep growing until the end of music itself.

This year is set to be Blitz’s biggest yet, with thousands of dollars being invested in equipment, printing and manpower, which will help ensure that Blitz Magazine will be the greatest forty pages you’ll read from New Years to Christmas. With CD reviews, exclusive insights to both big bands and indies, gigs and free content, any music fan could tell you that Blitz is the only source of music news you’ll need.

Since its dawn in 2003, to the music boom of 2008, to its exclusives and features, and all the way to being featured on ABC’s RAGE, Blitz isn’t set to go anywhere but up from here on out.

Welcome to the future of Music News.

Welcome to Blitz.

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