About Blitz:
Blitz Magazine has really taken off since its humble beginnings in January 2003, today Blitz is one of Australia’s best selling music publications who has an off the shelf readership of 30,000 and subscription of 10,000.

Blitz’s Content:
From the beginning Blitz has aspired to set a new benchmark for music journalism through a clear and literate style and user-friendly reviewing ethos that stressed impartial advice. Each issue consists of:

  • 200 plus commercially released CD reviews
  • Reviews of unsigned band demos
  • Band profiles
  • Gig news
  • Interviews and other
  • Additional content

Looking Ahead:
This year, significant investment has been made into new equipment and a full professionally laid out printed magazine consisting of over 40 pages per month. 2013 has been a busy year, Blitz's reputation as a reliable source for information on new music has ben growing tenfold, and there have been a flood of requests for a website. In April, Blitz was featured as magazine of the week on ABC’s TV program RAGE, this saw an influx of new Blitz readers and they hope to pursuit further advertisement to form a strong readership base.