Interactive Digital Media

Units 3/4

Units 3/4 of IDM are very simillar yet very different at the same time. You go more in depth with various areas such as Animation, content writing and Website HTML/CSS, and the overall work is more difficult. There's a larger emphasis on completing your folio work to prove that your outcome is yours. By following the design process it allows your client to see your steps taken to develop your final design, and helps you learn from things you like, things you didn't like, things that worked and things that didn't work.
If 1/2 IDM was your cup of tea, then I would definitely recommend continuing with 3/4 IDM.

3/4 IDM has given me more confidence in the work I do, as well as given me the appropriate experience Here's an example of what units 3/4 book work can look like:

Title: Animation Character Design
Date: Term 1, 2011
Description: Liam with a Donut pillow as a head.

Title: 7 Deadly sins design
Date: Image taken 16/09/11
Description: Liam with a Donut pillow as a head.