Interactive Digital Media

Units 1/2

Units 1/2 of IDM is full of a wide variety of content to try and give you the idea of what Units 3/4 are like. Units 1/2 in 2010 were run by Ana T; but left after the first term and was replaced by Sibila R. Sibila chose a range of content to test our skills and push us to our limits while trying to keep the course fun and creative. Throughout the course we completed:

  • A screen print T-shirt design.
  • A small space animation
  • A 2 point perspective image
  • A 30 second animation
  • Worked as a group to complete an animation
  • Worked with Celtx

  • Title: 1/2 Shirt Design
    Date made: Term 1, 2010
    Description: First major outcome of Term 1, the design was finished at the end of the Term and sent to a company who screen printed the design onto the shirt.

    Title: 1/2 Computer made image
    Date made: Term 2, 2010
    Description: In IDM 1/2 I made an image only using parts of a redheads box and wooden matches.
    Even though I made this in IDM, I also used this image for Visual Communication and Design and History work! Thanks IDM!