About Me

My name is Liam, I'm an Australian 17 year old who goes to Eltham College and I'm the webmaster of this site! I began units 1/2 of Interactive Media and Design in 2010 and continued with units 3/4 in 2011.
My relevant hobbies include:

  • Computer Design
  • Language
  • Website Design
  • Drawing

  • I like that you can still have likes/hobbies outside of IDM and that I can still do well in the course. The course can be very flexible especially in units 1/2, which is a plus.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed this course and I recommend this to anyone who is curious or wants to be apart of the Multimedia industry (THE GAME).

    Title: Donut Head
    Date: Image taken 16/09/11
    Description: Liam with a Donut pillow as a head.