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Multimedia 1/2

During the first year of IDM, many website designing and animation projects were undetaken and vital skills developed to grow to the standard of productivity and excellence that has been achieved in 3/4 and post.
The main projects we undertook to refine the creativity of one such studetn as myself was the Space Scene animation.
Being the first animation I had ever done, it was the cornerstone and beginning of my creative refinement.

The next project completed successfully under the shining banner of animation was my Unit1/2 major animation.
A script and characters were given to me to animate in a certain time frame.
The animation was completed at an ever better standard than the humble beginnings of the "Space scene,"
strongly depicting the improvement and growth I had undertaken over the course of the year.

Multimedia 3/4

The last (but definitely not least) animation commenced was the Unit3/4 major animation which showcased the significant improvement in my animation skills.
Clearly decpiting an individual and stylistic class of my own.
Apart from a clear personal development and style there was also a great improvement in my animation skills.

Media & Media Related

The first film which showcased my very original and personal style of filmmaking was the "Horror Trailer," which turned out to be more of an action trailer. It is a thirty second advertisement and the first film I ever made.

I kicked off my next film (Basecamp film) with a bang and a total change of genre; comedy. I've always wanted to try comedy and have had a strong inclination towards trying it.
Despite being a standard comedywhich is a genre that doesn't leave much room for stylish camera and production techniques, I came at the film with a different view which would be considered unorthadox but still works.

The final and best film (in my opinion) is the one which comes last (evidentally) my unit 3/4 Major Film; The House.
This film is the epitome of my own personal film style and manipulation of techniques. Everything about it is completely original and spawned out of the creative reaches of my mind.
All three of these films were accepted into the 2010 & 2011 Eltham on Film competition for student films.