The design process is a must know in IDM, you always follow it with everything that you ever do! The steps are as follows:
Step 1: Understand the brief, which is to understand the task that you have been given.
Step 2: Define the target audience, which means to give 20-30 characteristics about the people who will be viewing your work.
Step 3: Conduct research. Research what other people have done then annotate the research, tells us what you like about it, what you don’t like about it and whether or not it will appeal to your target audience likes it.
Step 4: Is selecting your software you will be using, and tells us why you have chosen it.
Step 5: Is generating ideas (5-10), sketch up what is in your mind/create possible designs that could be your final product and again annotate it.
Step 6: Design. After choosing an idea that you like you now need to fine tune it. Come up with 10 different versions of the idea that you picked (note. This can be done on the computer)
Step 7:Present design, which basically means hand in your final product
Step 8: Review steps 1-7 and summarise what you have done, what you did/didn’t do well