1/2: We began our intro into animation and web designing straight away and didnt look back. I finished my first year of IDM with several final projects that I was extremely pleased with and showed my progression throughout the year. These where

A Short Animation...Designed a T-Shirt...Designed a Home page...and more.

3/4: This was when is began to get serious. Using the animating skills that I learnt earlier the year before, I started to begin work on my flash animation. I have become well knowledgable in

Website coding...in creating visually appealing and easily understandable websites... in chunking sections of writting to be read simply... and an overall understanding of using Mac computers and all ADOBE programs.

ME: I like colors as you have probably quessed. I like cartoon stylings and random events. I know that i will be benificial to you company becuase of my individual style and becuase of the skills that i have learnt.