Welcome to my Websites                        

  In Multimedia 1/2, we made a website interface with Photoshop, which was aimed at a target   audience of our own choice.  I chose to do mine on a luxury car manufacturer selling cars to   professionals. 

  Info About Websites in 1/2    

   Our first proper website was a website to show off our action photos that we had taken earlier in the    year.  These were then stored online.          

  Info About Websites in 3/4     

  In Multimedia 3/4, we are working through another website and a few interfaces. This is the 2nd   website, and it's purpose is to  showcase the work that we've been doing all through ½ and ¾   Multimedia.  This website will be our Term 3 all-day SAC as well.     

        ½ Interface       ¾ Interface       ¾ Website