Welcome to my Advertisements                           

  Photos? In Multi? You crazy? We do advertisements!

  In Multimedia 3/4, we worked through an advertisement, which included taking videos and cutting and   pasting the parts together in Adobe Premiere Pro and quite a few other things, to build up our skills in   the industry of advertisement making, which is quite prolific.

  Info About Advertisements in 1/2     

   In Multimedia 1/2, we didn’t do any advertisements, due to the fact that we didn’t do any work with    Premiere Pro.  We focused more on creativity and such with animations and different styles.

    Info About Advertisements in 3/4     

   The task we did was all based on making an advertisement for the iPhone, and was therefore quite    low quality, low resolution and also had a relatively wide target audience.  This didn’t slow us down    much though, as we managed to make a 30s advertisement in the all day SAC as well as making an    interface.