Welcome to my Website      I D Multimedia Certificate III   

  Welcome to my website, the navigation bar is on the left for artwork and such, extra information can   be found below on what we did this year and last year. Hope you enjoy it. In Multimedia 1/2, we   worked through an animation, a website and quite a few other things, to build up our skills in the   basic, industry standard programs. These programs are almost exclusively from Adobe, plus Celtx.

  Info About Multimedia      

  In Multimedia 3/4, we are working through another animation, another website and a few interfaces.   This is the 2nd website, and it's purpose is to  showcase the work that we've been doing.       

  Info About Me       

  My favourite task we've done was probably the first task we did in 1/2, it was a T-shirt design, based   on 6 things that we thought represented us, redraw by us, and then collated into a desirable pattern.