Welcome to my Artwork                   Info About Artwork in 1/2   

  In Multimedia 1/2, we did quite a lot of artwork, in a series of different programs, including Flash,    Illustrator and Photoshop. This taught us a lot about how layering worked, as well as familiarizing    ourselves with the general tools for each of the programs that we would be using more extensively    in 3/4. The Six Tasks was our main piece of artwork, as well as Gram's window, and the term 2    SAC    car modifications.

    Info About Artwork in 3/4     

   My favourite piece of artwork for 3/4 would probably have to be my character and backgrounds that I   made for the animation for the term 2 SAC. They were some of the best work I've done, as I used   images for the colour inspiration and then made them my own. These would then make up the bulk of   the animation, allowing me to focus more on creating and producing the animation on the day, rather   than trying to add lots of new content on the day.                                                              

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     3/4 Backgrounds