Welcome to my Animations                      

  In Multimedia 1/2, we worked through an animation to build up our skills in the basic industry    standard programs. These programs are almost exclusively from Adobe but Celtx was particularly    important since it allowed us to document our design process and all of the necessary information    and then pass it on to the next person.      

   Info About the 1/2 Animation     

   In Multimedia 1/2 we had to work in groups of 3. Create a script, the pass it on, then create a main   character, then pass them on as well. Then we had to use the script that was passed on to us and   make a 30s animation, that included the script and the characters. Mine included a bunch of   characters starting with the letter B and was a sort of titles/credits start of the show with theme   song.  

   Info About the 3/4 Animation    

   My animation this year was 3x longer than last year, spanning around 100s and we had to make    the    script, the characters and the animation, all ourselves, which wasn't that hard in the end, just    the    fact that we had to do all of it in the SAC in term 2 made things a little more hectic and time    pressed. It was a good practice for deadlines in the workplace though.                   

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