Nicole May

Hey! I'm Nicole and this is my online portfolio.

I am 17 years old and am currently attending Eltham College.

I love singing, dancing, playing tennis and just chillin out with the friends.

On this site you will find some work i have been working on for the year. You should also check out my gallery to look at photos of me. (Because you know you all love looking at me)

This site includes a game and a media film i made in 2009. Have a watch (believe me, they are awesome)

I'd like to finish off with something i say all the time.

"it isn't whether we succeed or fail at life, it's the climb to get there that really matters"

Email me at if you want to say anything!

I'd just like to quickly give a mention to my favourite multimedia friends Molly and Robert. ILY.

Thanks, Nicole xo


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