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Now for the important part of the website... Here are a few links which will link you to some work that I have done in Multimedia over the past 2 years. It's not everything, but it's work that I'm really proud of the most. Everything is ordered from oldest to newest as well. Feel free to check them out:

  1. Comic - The Adventures of Frederick the Fuji Apple
  2. T-shirt Design
  3. Hilltop Hoods poster - Repurpose Content
  4. Website Interface of Blitz Magazine - Assessment Task 1
  5. Interactive Animation/Game - Assessment Task 2 - aimed at Internet safety
  6. Seven Deadly Sins - Design Elements task
  7. Random Slideshow - eight images representing each of the Design Principles
  8. Typography - animated .gif of eight images representing each of the Design Principles using only letters in my name

Click on thumbnails to enlarge:




animationseven deadly sinsdesign principlestypography




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