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Hey! Welcome to the about section of my wonderful website where you can find heaps of handy information about me and/or this website.

So basically, the whole gist of this website is to showcase all of my years work for Multimedia plus other stuff that you want to put on it. Which reminds me, Multimedia is a pretty neat subject. This website was also made as part of one of three Assessment Task's throughout the year.

Everything on this website has been either made or designed by me (Jenna), except for the random slideshow of the 8 design principles, so all credit should go to their respective owners.

Oh yeah, and my name's Jenna, by the way. As I am writing this about me section I am currently 17 years old and I'm in year 11 at Eltham College.


Things that Jenna likes:

  • Music - as in playing violin and saxophone
  • Fashion - shopping is a sport
  • Shoes - never can get enough shoes...
  • Family - enough said
  • Friends - they're pretty alright I guess
  • Magazines & good books
  • Sewing up pj pants - it's pretty fun
  • Chocolate
  • Sleeping
  • Multimedia...

Things that Jenna doesn't like:

  • Peanuts - no comment
  • Not being able to see things from a distance...


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