Music is pretty cool.
I write my own music, play guitar in a bluegrass band called Want Me A Mule, and record music myself. Here are some of the things I have written or participated in.
c171 - an as-of-yet unnamed gypsy jazz metal song I wrote.
Clinch Mountain Backstep - an old-time tune by Want Me A Mule, in which I played guitar, plus recorded and mixed the final product.
concept112 - another unnamed composition, in the format of a 4 minute experimental rock song.
Hard Tekkaz - a parodistic electronic song, composed and performed by me with vocals from Rangz of Want Me A Mule.
The Action Sequence - a clip from the orchestrated score I'm currently writing for Sam Batty.
Underneath The Sky - a short clip from the first album of my own musical project, Amber Fall.
Winter Of The Infinite - a complete avant-garde track from the above-listed first album.