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Title: About me...  
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Hmm... where to begin... Well as you may already know my name is Adam and I'm currently in Year 11 at Eltham College of Education studying a variety of subjects which includes Cert III in Multimedia. I'm also a nerd. Big time. Yes, Star Trek, Star Wars, Transformers, you name it I'm probably into it. I've got all the current generation consoles as well as a gaming computer. Yes kids, that's what having a job can do for you. As well as pursuing nerdy conquests I also enjoy music, hanging out with mates, and a lot of other "normal" teenage habits such as TV and sleep. I could continue to ramble on about more if you really want me to but chances are you've just stopped by to have a quick look around, or you could be in a future Cert III Multi class looking at my site for inspiration. Regardless, have fun, and if you are in Cert III, good luck with your own site. ;-)

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