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I'm currently doing 1/2 VCD and its pretty hard work.
Not like, amazingly hard work, but its hard.
I only have two pieces to display here, but thats because I only really had time to snap up two photos before I was hurried out of the class room.
So here, the stories behind the two.
The first one is two hand drawn re-workings of the readheads box art.
We could use any elements on the box, including the striker.
I was proud because my one, this one was... displayed on the wall.
The second one was also displayed on the wall, but so was everyone elses, so its not as special.
Its eight different renderings of a lightbulb.
How whacky.


Click the thumbnails to enlarge:

VCD Work #1 - RedHeads Project VCD Project #2 - Lightbulb Renderings