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Now here is the crux of this website, everything else is just garnish.
The whole reason for this website is to display my multimedia work for the year..
So... here we are...
This isnt all my work for the year, just some of the stuff i'm proud of, so uhm, enjoy...

Piece #1 - Underwear advertisement aimed at 11 to 16 uear old deomgraphic.
Piece #2 - Website mock up aimed at advertising Mcdonalds to health concious parents.
Piece #3 - Interactive animation aimed at advertising the state libraries new mythology secition.
Piece #4 - Seven icons representing each stage of the the design process.
Piece #5 - Eight found images representing each of the design principles.
Piece #6 - Eight Buissness cards each representing a different design principle.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge:

Multimedia Piece #1 - Underwear Modeling Multimedia Piece #2 - Mcdonalds Website Multimedia Piece #3 - Animation Multimedia Piece #4 - Design Process Icons Multimedia Piece #5 - Design Principles #1 Multimedia Piece #6 - Design Principles #2