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This website is a portfolio of my multimedia ¾ work that I have completed, if you look around you will find my three design tasks, the animation assessment, an interactive birthday card and a chuppa chup counter.

About Me
My name is Conlan Normington and I need music in my life. I love Aussie hip-hop and some artists that I dig are The Herd, TZU, Muph + Plutonic, Rainman and The Optimen.

I play saxophone and have been appointed the music captain for 2008. I love listening jazz music when I want to chill and I rap in a hip-hop group called Disillusional Minority with Maverick and N-Cision.

Snowboarding and surfing will always be a part of my life because they’re both so damn addictive. I believe that aliens will take over the world if they haven’t already, which there is a high chance they have.

Websites that I really like are Hermitude and Fiftyeight

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Conlan Normington


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