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Hi. My name is Anna. I'm 16 years old, nearly 17 (November 1st). This year I studied Multimedia at Certificate III level. I also did Literature, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, History & Psychology. I'll be spending the whole summer holidays in Hamburg, Germany this year (yay!). I'm into Hello Kitty, Reading, Violin, Piano, Classical music, Punk music, Movies, Irish Breakfast Tea, Diet Vanilla Coke and Origami. I also enjoy crafts such as bookbinding and knitting. My latest addiction is Dandelion tea. Lately I've started to collect strawberries (not real ones, just objects with strawberries on them).

I don't really have a favourite band, but I've been getting back into the Pixies and some old Bad Religion lately. The Epoxies are still my number 1 band on Audioscrobbler. My favourite movies would still be Amelié and Goodbye Lenin!

Interesting fact about me: I share 2 things (that I can think of right now) in common with Hello Kitty!! I was born on November 1st and I, like Hello Kitty, am also a twin.

Thats about all.

The photo is of me (left) with my sister Pia (right) at Uluru earlier this year.


photo of me