Interactive Portfolio 2005

As well as creating this interactive portfolio, Task 3 involved 4 mini tasks, of which 3 have been put on
this web site for you to see.

Mini Task 1- Design icons for the steps in the design process. Two icons had to address tone, two had
to address texture, only two colours could be used (pink and black) and they must all be visually related.

Mini Task 2- the aim was to design 4/5 images that covered all the design principles. Each image must
contain at least two of the design principals and text only could be used. Every design principal must be
used at least once.

Mini Task 3- using atypical points of view shots that were taken on our excursion into the Collingwood
area, we could crop and manipulate the images in Adobe Photoshop, then we had to create a random Flash
slideshow that was controlled by a button. The images had to be visually consistent.

Mini Task 4-
The aim was to create a visual metaphor that helps us relate to an abstract idea, thought
or feeling to a visual image. The test had to be created in Macromedia Flash and had to contain an input
and output box with a visually related button and typography.

image_02 swirl_image
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