home review

Identify and strengths or weaknesses that became evident
during your mini tasks.

My major strengths through out the entiretask has been my ability to design a plan yet be flexibly with in it.

I often allowed lots of room for alterations and variation on a theme. For example, in the first mini task, one of my original ideas was unfeasible yet I altered the design slightly to make my eventual work easier. Another strength is my ability to just put my head down and get started on a task. Often rather than sitting back and thinking of what I am going to do I would just put pen to paper and start work and let a plan evolve out of the work that I had done. This is also a weakness sometimes as I might rush through an idea and forget some elements that I had to incorporate. I discovered that I can pick up most programs very fast. This is very helpful when you are starting on a new software package because you don’t have to waste time on finding out how the thing works. All the tasks have added something to my skills and knowledge, I have become very proficient with Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver these days and I have also learn some new skills and honed all of my existing ones in Photoshop.

Describe the design Process and how it related to your mini tasks and web site design.
The Design Process is a series of steps that help you to make a final, coherent and complete piece of work. These include Identifying the problem that has been proposed by the client. Making or reading the Design Brief after meeting with the client or reading one that has been provided to you. The next step is investigation similar solutions that have already been made by other people. These is essentially getting a feel for the field that you are developing for as well as getting inspiration for what you are going to make. Next you have to develop your own solution to this particular problem, drawing of inspiration and ideas from the previous question. Choosing a solution what you have designed is next, this entails going to the client and finding out what they like the best. It is sometimes necessary to redesign some of the components to keep them happy. Some things to consider when choosing a solution is what you can actually achieve, the software that you have available to you and the time and cost of each solution. After a solution has been chosen you have to make a concept piece, a prototype. This has to be a functioning item. You should look at what improvement could be made to improve the over all piece of work. Manufacturing the final product in the last step of the design process.
I used this set of guidelines all the way through all of my work. Each of the 5 mini tasks I completed was made follow the design process and the web site was also designed following these steps yet less strictly.

If time allowed, what improvements or changes would you make to your site?
If time allowed I would most likely have redesigned the entire thing. I am the sort of person who will start of with one idea and end at a totally different one. Originally I had my green stripe across the top of the page with the buttons next to it. I altered this and made it so the green tripe went diagonally across one of the sides. This wasn’t the best idea considering that when it came to slicing the images up I had to deal with this. I also would have made a smaller interface for my popup if I had of had enough time. This would have added a continuity to the site and generally improved the look. I also would have redone my entire animation had I had time

Over all how effectively do you believe you worked this term?
I think I have worked very well this term. I didn’t always get my worked finished on the Friday it was due but I got all of it done in the end. I have had to ask for help on occasion but I have also sorted out a lot of my problem without help. In general I have improved all my skill across every program I have used.