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Term Three Review

My strengths in this mini tasks were predominantly the flash work, I am able to create images and do actionscripting with ease.
The task I found the hardest was the icon task (Mini 1) where the research and development of all the icons stumped me completely.
Another task I had trouble with was the abstract reality as I couldn’t grasp the concept of dominant figures etc, I overcame this eventually by researching the task and looking at other artists work as well as doing more of my own.

There are some aspects of the design process I completely love and agree with and there are others I do not. I think that the researching and development parts are extremely helpful but there are some steps such as prototypes which are not irrelevant so much as could be combined with another step, the process is far to long to implement on many small projects but is a golden guide for the overall project.

I would make many changes to the mini tasks within the site I made but the site itself I believe is a simple businesslike and straightforward site, perfect for the application. As for the mini tasks I would change the abstract reality task if time permitted by going through and doing many more versions of it.

Apart from the first (Icon) task I believe I have worked efficiently and used my prior knowledge of web design very effectively and produced an effective interface with interesting content tasks.

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